Landscape of Internal Tensions (Translations)


Translation I, 00:03:39, 1920x1080, loop video

Translation II, 30x40cm x 3, digital print

Translation III, 20x20x1,5cm, 3D printed object

Translation IV, 00:04:02, looped VR 360*




Since the concept of virtual reality emerged, the question has crystallised whether it will be possible to digitally recreate full consciousness (AGI) in the future. However, before this happens one can think about finding intermediate states. How translate ephemeral subconscious behaviours to reflect their essence? Will these types of actions allow to understand some human mechanisms in a subconscious way? How to transfer body memory to the digital world?


The landscape of internal tensions is a project that focuses on

translating subconscious hand movements associated with a strong condition

the emotional side of a neurosis patient. This is an attempt to create a space where the boundaries between the virtual and the physical are blurred. The work internalizes, mediates and experiments on different levels, presenting stages of the research and artistic process.



Translation I: Video, as a first medium of translation, shows how internal tensions get transferred via oppressive gestures of the hands. Each movement, made automatically, leaves a trace on the clay while creating new spatial forms. Thus, the internal emotion and tension become a material object.




Translation II:  The combination of previously created forms has been digitally recorded in the form of photographs.



Translation III: By placing a two-dimensional image into a 3D software as a displacement map, artist converts a plane into a convex landscape for further use in VR.


To materialize another step virtual object is converted into STL file and printed on PLA material. Technological limitations of the printer and materials transform it again.



Translation IV: The last part is transferred into virtual space and recorded as an 360 VR experience of a journey through the mountainous resisting land.


*Sound: Tommy Takoyaki