get on your knees, please


00:01:39, 1920x1080,

looped CGI video with sound




The transparent digital flag was rendered for the exhibition "Without Fear and Hate" at the Poleski Punkt Odbioru Sztuki.


"The title of the exhibition "Without fear and hatred" refers to the initial words of the promise made in modern French courts before giving testimony. These words mean that whatever is said in the courtroom by a witness must be expressed without external coercion and not be characterized by negative feelings that may affect the final sentence and the amount of the defendant sanction. The French courts call the citizen for neutrality, do not allow for excessive evidence of subjectivity, but they are willing to see honesty and courage in expressing their opinion. These simple words contain the truth that we would like to act in everyday life as well. We would like everything we do to come out of our own free will. That decisions made by us would be motivated by our own conscience, experience, and sometimes empathy towards someone else. The works presented at the exhibition interpret the theme of the exhibition in a free manner, but by denying "without fear and hatred", in a way they also submit to the coined concept, a certain scenario. At the beginning of their career, artists are confronted with various kinds of expectations. During the education at the academy or in relation to the regulations of competitions in which they want to participate or even in the case of a presentation at the exhibition, where the curator's vision often imposes a certain way of exposure or even a work concept. So on the one hand, freedom and on the other hand a limitation. The exhibition raises the question of whether you can get out of this situation without feeling the loss of your independence?"


Curatorial text Magda Milewska