2020, 00:01:00, 1920x1080

CGI video with sound*




How changes in society could affect established furniture typologies?



Work based on the reinterpretation of the context and form of Anna Uddenberg's contemporary work "Dom Depot" as a part of Museum of Art in Łódź workshops. In 2018 I practiced in Anna Uddenberg's Berlin studio. Dom Depot was the sculpture with which I spent most of my time on. Sometimes I take the liberty of checking what kind of exhibition it is taking part in, whether it is still on its way or maybe it is already owned by someone else. Since then, my activities have changed from physical to remote work using new technologies. I'm talking not only about artistic practice but also about paid work.

The sense of home comfort, the economy of attention and the new strategies of utilising human resources probably made me sink more and more into the new reality, using furniture that should belong to the past, designed in a way that is not appropriate for the expectations ahead. To this end, I redesigned in 3D the Dom Depot 2.0 sculpture, which can become a monument from the future for those who agree to unsocial remote working hours, those who suffer from "text neck", those who are reluctant to quit Fortnite, those who binge watch TV series or those who have not returned to the office after the pandemic.